SMART-QC is indigenously designed and developed by UMA Electronics to make the testing Simpler, Faster, Accurate and Reliable with its high performing DSP based circuitry and user-friendly operational features. SMART-QC is used for testing of basic AC-DC parameters of LED Drivers and SMPS. It interfaces with SPEA-1 and THDPM-1 for Harmonics Testing.

AC Parameters

DC Parameters Other Parameter

1- Voltage

2- Current

3- Watt

4- PF

1- Voltage

2- Current

3- Watt


1- Efficiency





Features –

1- Accuracy Class 0.2

2-PC Interfacing with Report Generation

3-Pass/Fail Facility

4-CT Ratio and Shunt Setting Facility.

Download SMART-QC CatalogDownload SMART QC Catalog


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(Updated: June 17, 2020)