Solar DC Power Analyser – 3

Solar DC Power Analyser (SDPA-3)

Image: Solar Power System


SDPA-3 is a DC(Solar) – DC(Battery) – DC(Load) testing instrument. It is used to measure the parameters of solar power, battery power, and load power consumption.

Image: Solar DC Power Analyser

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It tests the quality of solar drivers/DC Converters at production. It contains a big display to show solar DC parameters Voltage, Current and Wattage in the first row of the display.

In the second row of the display, it shows Battery DC parameters Voltage, Current, Wattage, and efficiency. And in the third row of the display, it shows DC Load parameters Voltage, Current, Wattage, and efficiency.

SDPA-3 also shows individual pages for Solar measurement, Battery measurement, and Load measurement.

1. Display Solar power measurement 

2. Display Battery power measurement 

3. Display Load power measurement 


The USB port and Pen-drive port are also optically isolated with an internal circuit for the safety of the user/operator. It also contains a Bar-Code facility for fast and easy testing. And generate datasheet with barcode number and measured parameters.

The standard current range is 5mA to 10Amp and it’s also customized as per requirement.


SDPA-3 has 8 types of testing modes.

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(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)