How to provide short circuit protection to testing equipment

When a large number of drivers / LED bulbs are tested, some could be shorted from inside.

This can damage the electronics testing equipment.

The below illustration explains how to provide short circuit protection.



Image 1: Connection diagram of  5 Watt led bulb with testing equipment.

In the above example, a LED bulb is being tested. The power strip is used to power the DPA-1 

(using the black power cord). Also, the Red/Black wire is used as input power for the LED bulb.






Image 2: Connection diagram of incandesent bulb with testing equipment. 

We have provided short circuit protection by connecting  incandesent bulb (100 W) in series, which has low resistance.




Image 3: Incandesent bulb connection 

Have a closer look for the series connection on incandescent bulb





Image 4: Just see that we have shorted the load by wire. What happens?

Short circuit protection in led driver testing for 5 watt led bulb at 230 voltage. The Incandescent bulb lights up indicating a short to the operator





example of short circuit protection for 5 watt led bulb connected to 230 voltage.

calculation of resistance for 5 watt led bulb and 200 watt incandenscent bulb in short circuit protecfor 

5 watt led bulb testing at 400 voltage.for this problem we provide a circuit diagram in  above page.


(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)