We are testing a Tubelight at 220 Volts UPS AC input. We are using Embuilt SPEA-1 to test the Bulb properties.  Tubelight

Main page of SPEA-1 for testing of tubelight

When power is on the following results are found –

Vrms- 222.4 Volts VTHD% -4.3%
Arms -153.4mA ATHD% -28.8%
Watt -32.24Watt V 3rd Harmonics Value – 6.891Volts

Here we can see that VTHD is 4% which means UPS Supply has 4.3% distortion in Voltage. It also effect the wave form of UPS Supply or we can say that Voltage waveform is not 100% sine wave(Ideal condition).

ATHD % is 28.8% which means LED Driver(Internal in LED Bulb) distorted the AMPS waveform by 28.8 %. It also has effect of Voltage THD. 

We can  see the 3rd harmonics of Voltage is 6.891 Volts. 

Voltage 3rd harmonics Value for tube light by SPEA-1

Here we can see the 3rd harmonics of voltage in % of first harmonics. 3rd Voltage harmonics is 2.8% of Vrms Harmonics. 

Here we note that ideally first harmonics is to be equal of Vrms and other order harmonics are to 0. So we need to minimize the harmonics.

AMPS(Current) 3rd Harmonics Value of tubelight by SPEA-1

Here we can see the 3rd harmonics Value of Amps. It is 30.25mA. Other harmonics can be seen using UP/DOWN Buttons.

AMPS 3rd Harmonics % of tubelight by SPEA-1

In the above image 3rd Harmonics of Amps shows in display 6. It is 19.7% of Arms (152.9mA).

Other parameters can also seen on SPEA-1.

You can also view readings on the SPEA-1 Software.

SPEA-1 Software main page for testing of tubelight

Softare is connected to SPEA-1 for real time data viewing and reporting.

Voltage harmonics spectrum of tubelight by SPEA-1

Above is the voltage harmonics spectrum. All values are given in % of Vrms.

Current Harmonics Spectrum of tubelight by SPEA-1 Software

Above is the Amps(Current) harmonics spectrum. All values are given in % of Arms.

Harmonics report is also generated  which contains the parameter values with Harmonics spectrum.

Download Harmonics Spectrum Report for tubelight

Click here to download the harmonics report .

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(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)