JT-32 ( Jig Tester )

JT-32 is a modern Jig tester device. Which are test 32 AC products at one time. AC products manufacturer companies have a big problem in the testing of their products accurate and fast. Testing of products consumes huge time. JT-32 provides the facility of fast and accurate testing of products by jig testing method. It tests 32 AC products within 2 seconds and also saved all testing result in its internal memory. It measures AC Voltage, AC Current and AC Wattage.

JT-48 channels also available

JT-32 also provides the facility of Pass/Fail Status by Red LED light. The operator can set lower and upper limits of these AC parameters (Voltage, Current & Wattage) and if any load, goes out of set limit then JT-32 indicate Fail status for that particular loads.

For Example:-    

If we connect 32 loads for testing and 10 loads go out of set limit then its shows Fail status for that 10 loads and Pass status for rest of all. and when the operator gets its datasheet from JT-32 device, it also mentioned Fail data in the report.

Download Catalog of JT-32

Features of JT-32

Measured Parameters   Status Description
AC Voltage Yes  Press & Hold Back button for 5 seconds, it shows AC Voltage for all 32 channels. use UP/DOWN button for change page
AC Current Yes
  • Press A1 button to view current of channel 1 to 8
  • Press A2 button to view current of channel 9 to 16
  • Press A3 button to view current of channel 17 to 24
  • Press A4 button to view current of channel 25 to 32
AC Wattage Yes
  • Press W1 button to view wattage of channel 1 to 8
  • Press W2 button to view wattage of channel 9 to 16
  • Press W3 button to view wattage of channel 17 to 24
  • Press W4 button to view wattage of channel 25 to 32
Frequency No
Power Factor No
Harmonics No
Pass/fail Status Yes  It shows the Pass / Fail status of the testing loads according to their set limits. 
Fail indication Yes  Red LED glow if the testing status is Failed
Counting of total connected loads Yes  It shows total connected loads out of total loads
Counting of total Pass loads Yes  It shows total pass loads out of the total connected load
Limit Settings Yes  Operator easily set lower and upper limits for testing of products. Limit settings available for AC Current and AC   Wattage.
Data Logging Yes  It saved testing data in its internal memory up to 32000 tests.   and operator it through pen-drive.
USB interfacing No  JT-32 connects with computer/Laptop via USB cable. (Optional)
Safety Yes  Optically isolation for USB and Pen-drive port.
DC Parameters No
Efficiency No
Relay  Yes  
LOC Yes  Log On Connect facility available in JT-32.


(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)