Product Videos

We are the manufacturer of different testing products for LED Driver, SMPS, AC-DC converter, temperature & Humidity, LED bulbs and similar products.

Here we provide our product-related videos with a complete description for better understanding.

1. DTM-1 (Driver Testing Machine):- AC parameters, DC parameters, Harmonic and Efficiency

2. THDPM-1 (Total Harmonic Distortion Power Meter):- AC parameters with Harmonic up to 55th odd

3. ASC-1 (Automatic Switcher and Counter):- Shocking or life testing

4. PT-AC (Production tester -AC):- Production testing with AC parameters

5. ROOT (Relay ON-OFF Timer):- Aging

6. DPA-1i (Digital Power Analyser):- Digital Power Analyser

7. tAc4 (Single Phase Power Meter):- AC Volt, Current, Watt, PF parameters

8. PRPT-16 Introduction:- Shocking or life testing

(Updated: June 17, 2020)