Videos PRPT-16

1.  PRPT16 Introduction with Production Testing

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This video contains most of the queries related to PRPT-16 like:-

  1. How to understand display parameters of PRPT16.
  2. How to view AC parameters.
  3. How to save data in PRPT16 internal memory and Pen-drive also.
  4. How to connect load with PRPT-16.
  5. How to test BULBS or AC Loads by PRPT16.
  6. What are PASS and FAIL status?
  7. How to know FAIL parameters if PRPT16 shows FAIL status.
  8. How to set Lower & Upper limits in PRPT16.
  9. What is Log ON Connect and How to use it?
  10. Which type of files are generated by PRPT-16 in Pen-drive and what is the use of these files.

(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)