Digital Power Analyser

The DPA-1 instrument has been designed and developed by UMA Electronics to make testing simple, fast, accurate and reliable with its high-performing DSP-based circuitry and user-friendly operational features. It serves various industries in electrical machines (such as transformers, motors, stabilizers), power electronics (such as UPS, inverter, rectifier) ​​and lighting devices (CFL, ballast, LED). High-speed synchronous sampling using 24-bit ADC ensures true RMS measurement for a wide range of input voltage and current. The device displays volt, current, frequency, active power, power factor, and current power simultaneously in a 7-segment display. The measurement is valid on all power factors and gives accurate results even in the presence of harmonics in the system.


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  GENERAL Specification

Power Consumption

Less than 5VA

Auxiliary Supply

(For powering the unit)

180-240 Volts (Phase to Neutral)


Class 0.2

AC Voltage Measurement Range

30-300 Volts (Phase to Neutral)

AC Current Measurement Range



45-55 Hz (Universal range of 45-65 Hz also available)

Other Parameters

AC Watt, AC Frequency, AC VA






Bright RED LED Display


User Interface 


  • Captures and displays 6 parameters from the meter: Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power, Apparent Power and Power Factor.
  • Fast and accurate product testing.


(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)