ASC-1 (Automatic Switcher & Counter)

ASC-1 (Automatic Switcher & Counter) is very useful product for burn in testing devices. It is mostly used in industries like LED bulb manufacturer, LED driver manufacturer and other similar industries. It automatically switches many time of connected burn in testing devices and also counts number of its switching.

  1. It is a cheaper, reliable, light weight product and easy to handle with Load connection.
  2. It is operate with manually mode selection for Counter and Switcher.
  3. Switching is define for connect and disconnect the testing load with AC power supply and Counter is define for the number of switching of connected load under testing.
  4. It contains a big LED display for relay ON/OFF count with LED indication for relay status ON/OFF.
  5. Its maximum range is 500 volt, 40 Amp.

It also provide user friendly environment for programmable Count Number and programmable Switching time.

Download ASC_1 Catalog.

Connection Diagram

there are two ways on terminal connection.

This Video contain complete description of ASC Automatic Switcher & Counter.

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(Updated: December 10, 2018)