DTM-1 is an AC-DC converter testing instrument with harmonics. It is made to increase the quality of LED drivers/SMPS/AC-DC Converters at production. It contains a big Blue moon display to show AC parameters (left) and DC parameters (right) on the main page. The USB port and Pen-drive port are also optically isolated with an internal circuit for the safety of the user/operator. it also contains a Bar Code facility for fast and easy testing. and generate datasheet with barCode number and measured parameters. DTM has a facility to select the current range to make more accurate testing of the products. The current range started at 1mA to select 10Amp range.

DTM-1 Catalog

It tests both AC and DC parameters with harmonics and efficiency.

AC Parameters are –

Voltage, Current, Watt, PF, Frequency
Vthd, ATHD, Harmonics 1st to 55th

DC Parameters are –

Voltage, Current, Watt, Efficiency


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DTM-1 user interface guide



DTM-1 Introduction with Production Testing


You can view the above video on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqOi4DI_iV8


Main Page – Includes AC-DC parameters that are sufficient for production testing.

AC Parameters Page – Voltage, Current Watt, Frequency, VTHD, ATHD, and NET THD

DC Parameters Page: Voltage, Current, Watt, Efficiency

DTM-1 has internal memory to save the Production report without a pen drive or computer. and the user can take saved data from DTM to Pen-drive by using a History command.

It can store up to 32000 Tests in its internal memory.


Saved data can transfer to pen-drive for backup. The above page shows to transfer the ONBoard data (Internal Memory) to the pen drive.


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DTM-1 complete Setting menu description
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Some other features are –

  1. Pen drive-based production and data logging with Serial No.
  2. Data logging with Bar code scan.
  3. Internal Real Time clock for logged data
  4. Software Interface with Real-time values and other PC based testing facility
  5. Log on connect mode for automatic testing of led drivers with serial no and a date-time stamp.
  6. LED Driver test report in pdf format.
  7. LOC Fail option included or not included.

Download DTM-1 Catalog

DTM-1 with Bar Code scanner tutorial
You can view the above video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/vH17a_MZJRg


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FAQs –

Q1- What parameters it shows on the main page?

Ans- It shows AC voltage, Current, Watt/PF, Current THD %, DC Volts, Current, Watt, and Efficiency on the main page.

Other parameters are available by pressing the page button.

Q2- What are the harmonics level it measures?

Ans-  It measures up to 55th harmonics of voltage and current.

Q3- How many product models I can save in DTM-1?

Ans- It saves up to 25 models in its internal memory. You can overwrite if you require it.

Q4- Can overwrite any model or limit in DTM-1?

Ans -Yes. You can change/overwrite models saves in DTM-1 using DTM-1 software.

Q5- If a pen drive is provided then why do I require internal memory?

Ans – Internal memory is useful for historical data as well as it makes sure you have a backup.

Typically, You would like to work with internal memory and a supervisor could take data using a pen drive and process it further on his computer.

Q6- Can I transfer the production data from DTM-1 internal memory to a pen-drive.

Ans- Yes. DTM-1 has the option to transfer the data points to the pen drive. You can transfer last 1000 data points or 4000 data points to a pen drive.

Q7- What is the format of pen drive data?

Ans- Data saved in pen drive is in .CSV format which is easily openable in excel or notepad.

Q8- How much data can I save in the pen drive?

Ans- A  pen drive can save millions of data points.

Q9- What is the maximum memory of pen-drive it supports?

Ans – It supports up to 16 GB Pendrive for logging.

Q10- Can I set the display refresh rate in DTM-1?

Ans – Yes. You can change the display refresh rate from 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds in the DTM-1.

Q11- Can I set and auto-change the serial number in production testing?

Ans – Yes. You can edit the serial number in DTM-1.

Q12- For each Led driver we take 3 tests at voltages of 120Volts, 230Volts, 270Volts

Ans – You can use Grouped Test and select value 3 for it in setting menu. You will get an auto-increment of the serial number with A/B/C.

For example 3 Consecutive readings with 2893A, data, 2893B, data, 2893C, data with auto-increment option.

Q13- What input source should I provide?

Ans – Normally you can work on AC power Supply with Variac. If Input THD at your location is high then you may provide a sine wave UPS/Inverter.

Q14- I want to do testing without touching DTM-1. Is there any option to do this in DTM-1?

Ans- Yes. DTM-1 has Log on Connect facility. You can set the LOC ON/ OFF time and serial number once. Then You can do testing without touching DTM-1. It will log the data and increment serial number automatically when any load connects and disconnect to it.

Q15- Is DTM-1 indicate the PASS/FAIL status on testing?

Ans – Yes. DTM-1 indicates FAIL result by blinking a status LED.  It also displays PASS/Fail on LCD Display. Buzzer facility is provided for PASS/FAIL.

Q16- Can I do data logging in DTM-1?

Ans – Yes. DTM-1 has data logging facility on the pen drive. You can set the data logging period and set the application as data logging.

Q17- Can I measure the parameters of a product save with barcode?

Ans – Yes. DTM-1 has data logging facility with Barcode. You can make the setting of the barcode scanner and logging data with the barcode number.

(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)