Production Testing

To start testing of LED Driver We need to have below setup-

  1.  Test and Measurement Instrument with Harmonics Measurement
  2.  Testing LED Device with Specifications
  3. Micro SD Card or Computer
  4. Wires or Connecting Probe
  5. AC Power Supply

Our setup-

  1. We are using SPEA-1 which is developed and manufactured by Embuilt Technologies. You can also use other single Phase Power Analyzers from Fluke or Yokogawa. We have taken SPEA-1 beacuase it has some advanced features which makes testing easier.
  2. We have taken 0.5Watt LED bulb for testing. Generally low watt devices are not tested by some instruments and 0.5 Watt led bulbs are used widely as night lamp.
  3. Both SD Card and Computer (You can use one of them or both).
  4. Connecting Probes are used
  5. Single Phase Variac for variable power supply.


You can also see below presentation for production testing –



Start Production Testing

Do the connections as per given in Testing Setup Page.

Now connect the load. All parameter values will show on display. If any paramater value goes beyond the limit SPEA-1 will indicate by status LED and also a Buzzer sound will enable. If connected to software display value of that parameter will Red.

If you want to save the electrical aparemeter values in SD card select serial number and press write button. All data with Pass/Fail result and Serial no. will save in SD Card.

If connected with software click on save button. All data will save in excel file with serial no and Pass/Fail result.

SD Card data is in .csv format which is accessed by using Microsoft EXCEL.

Disconnect the load and connect the new load. Again if parameters values are out of the set limits related LED and status LED will RED. A buzzer sound will also On to take user attaention. Set serial no and press Write button to save data in SD Card.

By above procedure manufacturer can increase the production of LED Drivers with quality testing.



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(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)