SPEA-1 is Single Phase Power Analyzer with Harmonics Measurement. It has various features which are used to analyze the power quality and test single phase devices Such as LED Drivers, SMPS, Fans, Inverter, UPS. It Shows True RMS values of Voltage and Current. User can also view Calculated Average values , Form Factor and Crest Factor.

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Download pdf of quick reference guide to use SPEA-1

Complete Testing of SMPS, LED Drivers and AC-DC Converters using SPEA-1 and SMART-QC

It has below features –

Hardware features

  • Bright LED Display for clear view
  • Voltage, current, Watt, PF, Frequency, Watt hour Measurement
  • True RMS, Average, Crest Factor, Form Factor Measurement
  • THD of Voltage and Current
  • Individual Voltage Harmonics up to 55th level
  • Individual Current Harmonics up to 55th level
  • Save settings for different kind of devices in meter
  • Production Testing : Failed parameter indication in meter
  • Software interfacing
  • Smart QC Interfacing

Software Features

  • Dual display mode : SPEA-1 mode and Smart-QC Mode
  • Spectrum of Voltage and Current Harmonics
  • Unlimited device storage with limits
  • Display value turn red when limit cross
  • Alarm settings
  • Data logging of all parameters with date and time
  • Production report generation with pass-fail facility
  • Pdf report generation

Technical Details

Auxiliary supply : 180-240 Volts
Input Voltage     : 3-300Volts
Current              : 10mA-2A (Other Ranges are also available) 
Accuracy           : 0.2

Download the pdf of comparision between SPEA-1 and THDPM-1

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