THDPM-1(Total Harmonics Distortion Power Meter)

THDPM-1 is used for the Testing of LED Drivers, SMPS, and other Single Phase Devices/ Power Supplies.


It has the following parameters- V, A, W, PF, Frequency, %VTHD, %ATHD, V Harmonics, and A Harmonics up to 55th Levels.

Voltage and current Spectrum is shows on Graphic LCD Display.

Special features are-

1. Pen Drive Interface with Real-Time clock. Enables users to save data on a pen drive.

2. Log On Connect for Production Mode.    Connect a new load. It will log the data on the pen drive with serial no.
Remove the Load. It will increase the Serial No.
Advantage:  No need for the operator to press any button on THDPM-1 or on the computer. The data gets logged to the Pen Drive.

2. Data logger Option. It allows the user to log the data on a period of 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes.  ( W/O Connecting Computer).

Download THDPM-1 Catalog Click here to download Catalog of THDPM-1

The software interface is also included for real-time data viewing, Spectrum Analysis, Alarm Settings, Data Logging, and PDF Report Generation.

Other Special features –
1- True RMS Measurement
2- Alarm limits storage and indication in meter
3- Smart QC Interface for DC Measurement.
4- Buzzer and LED Indication on Fail Option
5- User Site Calibration of basic parameters
6- Settable Refresh Rate
7- Graphic LCD for Better Viewing
7- Harmonics Spectrum in meter and also in Software
8- PDF Report generation

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(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)