Battery Charge Evaluator (BCE-1)

BCE-1 (Battery Charge Evaluator) is a battery tester equipment. It provides terminal to charge of a battery by an external charger and measure its charging voltage, current, and mAh(milliampere-Hour). BCE-1 also provides terminal to discharge of a battery by an external load.

mAh means milliamp-Hour and is a unit that measures (electric) power over time. It is commonly used to measure the energy capacity of a battery. In general, the more mAh and the longer the battery capacity or battery life. BCE-1 has a rotary selector switch to select charging mode, discharging mode, and Auto mode. Auto mode mainly used for repeating testing of a battery charging and discharging. In auto mode, BCE-1 charging the battery and after a full charge it automatically switched in discharging. This process mainly used for life testing of the battery and R&D analysis. In software, it shows charging and discharging graphs of all cycles provide useful information for the research field.

BCE-1 measures and records all charging and discharging data with real date-time clock in internal memory and on the basis of its analysis, it shows battery milliamp-hour. 

BCE-1 has the facility to protect battery on overvoltage and overcurrent. The user has a facility to set voltage and current range in this meter. 

BCE-1 also connect with software and share it's measured data. The software has the facility to create a waveform of charging, discharging and mAh.

BCE-1 Description:

(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)