TDLR-2 ( Temperature Logger)

Thermocouple Data Logger and Recorder- 2 channels (TDLR-2) is the device to logging temperature data in degree C for 2 different channels and also record all data in its internal memory and Pen-drive (if inserted) up-to 16GB. TDLR-2 is 96*96*85 in size to easily mounted in panels also. This device gives many facilities to the operator for testing the temperature of different 2 points at a time and save the data with real date and time.

TDLR-2 widely used in industries and R&D department where temperature control is very important and also other sensitive places where the temperature measurement is required. TDLR-2 shows all measured temperature (Degree C) on Seven Segment Big LED display in four parts for clear vision. 

TDLR-2 Facilitate:

1. Automatic or manually Data logging for 2 Channels
2. Internal onboard memory for 32000 data
3. Omega type connector used for connection
4. Seven segments Red LED big display
5. Thermocouple k type is used to measure temperature

6. size 96x96x85 





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(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)