Testing Types

Various types of testing can be done to improve the quality of SMPS/Led Drivers.

  1. PCB test – To test pcb is working correctly and there is no short circuit.
  2. Voltage range test – Testing on specified voltage range (Low and High).
  3. AC Harmonics(T.H.D.) Test – Test the harmonics in power supply
  4. AC load test – Test the performance on load.
  5. AC Simulation – Test all parameters of AC side.
  6. DC test – Test the DC side of power supply
  7. DC Load test – Test the power supplies at different loads.
  8. DC Efficiency test – Test the efficiency of AC-DC Converters.
  9. Time performance test – Test the power supply performance(Ex. voltage output) over time Variation (Data logging)

Testing needs to done in two modes

  1. R&D mode – In R&D mode a design or PCB has tested with all parameters and reports. Such as Harmonic Analysis, Change in supply on voltage variation or other atmosphere condition. Limits and specification are to be made in R&D mode.
  2. Production Mode – In production mode, Device has to be tested as per specifications made by R&D department. Every company wants to increase its production rate with quality testing. So testing measurement intsruments are used which makes the R&D and production testing faster and smarter.

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(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)