Videos EVL-3

1.  EVL-3 Meter Complete Guide

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This video contains most of the queries related to EVL-3 like:-

  1. How to understand the display parameters.
  2. How to view the AC parameters.
  3. How to save data in internal memory and Pen-drive also.
  4. How to connect load with EVL-3.
  5. What to set Logging and How to use it?
  6. Which type of files are generated by EVL-3 in Pen-drive and what is the use of these files.
  7. How to view all real-time data on EVL-3 screen.
  8. How to set CT or PT ratio in EVL-3 as per externally connected CT or PT
  9. How to reset Evergy value in EVL-3 meter
  10. How to draw a graph with EVL-3 data in software
  11. How to use EVL-3 meter for single-phase or three-phase measurement.

(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)