Introduction to SPEA-1


Introduction to SPEA-1

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Documents –

->SPEA-1 catalog

Product Videos-


->Software Interface

->Testing of LED Bulb using SPEA-1


Other Testing Videos –

->SPEA-1 with SMART-QC


->Burn In Testing


Other Products –

->Introduction to THDPM-1

->Introduction to SMART-QC

->Introduction to PRPT-16

SPEA-1 is Single Phase Power Analyzer with Harmonics Measurement. It is effective instrument for testing of single phase applicances and power supplies such as LED Bulbs, Led Drivers, SMPS etc. It comes with 7 segment bright RED Display for clear view of all readings. It has built in memory to store alarms limits for 10 testings models.



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(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)