tAc4 is a reliable, simple and fast single phase AC meter. It shows four AC parameters Voltage, Current, Wattage, and Power Factor on bright Red LED Display. At a time, it shows only one parameter on the screen and a point LED also indicates the displayed parameter. When user press SET Button then next parameter shown on screen. it has also the facility of auto-scrolling, when user press SET button for 5seconds, tAc4 goes to the auto-scrolling mode and shows all four parameters one by one after a little time delay.

For Example:

If at present, the display shows Voltage then a point LED also glow on the Voltage tab. When user press SET Button, then the display shows Current and a point LED glow on the Current tab and so on.



Technical Specification

Auxiliary Power

180 – 250V, 50Hz

Input Voltage

30 – 300V, 50Hz

Input Current

50 mA to 5.0 Amp (available up-to 20A)


Class 1.0 (For electrical parameters)


Floating Decimal Point


Bright LED Display


72mm X 72mm X 84mm

Connection Diagram


tAc4 Introduction video

tAc4 Introduction- how to view a load parameters

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(Updated: Jan 24, 2020)