10 Watt LED Bulb Testing

We are going to test a 10 Watt LED Bulb using PT-AC

(Production Tester- AC)

LED Bulb Specification: –

         Voltage: – 220V to 240V

         Current: – 55 mAmp   (0.055 Amp)

         Frequency: – 50/60 Hz

         Power Factor: – >0.9

         Wattage: – 10W



Set Tolerance in PT-AC: –

         Current: – 0 Amp to 2 Amp

         Power factor: – 0 to 1

        Wattage: – 7W to 12W



Above specification is set in PT-AC meter in two ways- By PT-AC software OR Manually.

1.  Set testing tolerance in the PT-AC Software with name 10 Watt bulb on index 01


2. Set testing tolerance in the PT-AC meter Manually

   This video contain hole process of Set testing tolerance in the PT-AC meter and testing of loads.


Connection diagram of AC Power Source and Testing 10 Watt Load with PT-AC meter


Readings of PT-AC for the testing of 10 watt LED Bulb

PT-AC device shows Input Voltage on first screen from left side is 245.1 Volt

Comparision of LED Bulb specification and set tolerance in the PT-AC device

Parameters bulb Specification Set tolerance PT-AC Values Status
Current 0.055 Amp 0 Amp – 2 Amp 0.036 Amp Pass
Power Factor >0.9 0 – 1 0.9667 Pass
Wattage 10 W 7 W – 12 W 8.740 W Pass

From the above result, All the parameters PASS according to set telerance. So this LED Bulb is OK.

(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)