China Virus Update:

         Due to China virus named Covid-19 and subsequent Lockdown, many of Indian industries remained closed.
         As a good will gesture, we are voluntarily  extending the warranty of all our 
         products billed between 01st March 2019 to 31st March 2020 by Three Months.
         This extension of the warranty does not apply to Government orders and Export Orders.
         Please note that this is a voluntary extension from our side, and is not legally binding.
         Please feel free to contact us by email for any clarification.


This Website  tries to cover all aspects of LED driver and AC-DC converters testing
Also, it tries to establish itself as a useful store of links, references, and knowledge bank.

LED Drivers, SMPS, AC-DC power Converters are demanded all over the world and nowadays their area of working is wide. But to provide good and Quality AC-DC power converter based product testing should be SMART and fast.

Embuilt Technologies provide solutions to make Testing Faster, Smarter and Reliable. We have a range of products which help the manufacturer boost production with quality control. We have cost-effective solutions for all customers.

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Testing Product Comparision Sheet



(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)