Testing Equipments

For testing of LED Drivers, LED Bulbs, Street Lights and SMPS, various instruments can be used.

Embuilt Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Test and Measurement Instruments.

All product designs are indigenous in nature. This is followed by good after-sales service and support from our side.

AC-DC Power Converter/ LED Drivers/ SMPS Power Measurement with Testing facility

DTM-1: It is an AC-DC Testing instrument with THD (Harmonics) Measurement.

It measures both AC-DC parameters with Efficiency.

It also measures the harmonics of voltage and current.


Both AC-DC parameters with THD

Pendrive based data logging, Production Report with date-time, model no, serial no and  Pass/Fail

It can save limits for 25 models with the model name.

Data Logging with Date and Time

Log on connect mode for production testing

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DTM-1 Catalog

SMART-QC: It is the smart quality controller for AC-DC Power Converters. It measures Both AC-DC parameters with Efficiency.

AC Parameters – Voltage, Current Watt, Power Factor/Frequency

DC Parameters -Voltage, Current, Watt, and Efficiency.

Software Interface with Production Report, Data Logging on Computer

Advantage: AC-DC both side measurement with Efficiency Calculation

Ideal for meeting Production testing using Software provided.

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Single Phase Power Analyzers with Harmonics Measurement and Testing facility

THDPM-1: Single Phase Power Analyzer with Harmonics Measurement. It comes with Graphics LCD Display and a 6 digit LED Display.

Parameters are – AC Voltage, Current, Watt, Power Factor, Frequency Vthd%, Athd%, and Net THD.

10 Testing Models with PassFail limits can be saved.

Advantage – Harmonics Spectrum on LCD

Software Interface with Production Report

 Data Logging on Computer

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THDPM-1 Catalog


Low-Cost Single Phase Digital Power Analyzer

PT-AC (production Tester – AC): It is  Digital Power Analyzer for a Single Phase. It shows basic Parameters of single Phase Devices such as LED Bulbs, Street Lights, etc.

A USB facility also available for software interfacing and read and write data efficiently. 



DPA-1(AC): It is  Digital Power Analyzer for a Single Phase. It shows basic Parameters of single Phase Devices such as LED Bulbs, Street Lights, etc.

Parameters: AC Voltage, Current, Watt, Power Factor/Frequency/VA

Parameters: DC Voltage, Current, Watt

Advantage: Cost-Effective Solution for Production Testing

Basic Parameters only, for easy understanding by Production/Dispatch

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DPA-1 Catalog

DPA-1i (AC): It is an improved version of DPA-1.

It has basic parameters for single-phase devices. It also has a software interface for reporting and data logging.

Parameters: AC Voltage, Current, Watt, Power Factor/Frequency.

Advantage: Software Interface

DPA-1i Catalog

tAc4 is a reliable, simpler and faster single-phase AC meter. It shows five AC parameters like Voltage, Current, Wattage and Power Factor on big Red LED Display. At a time, it shows only one parameter on the screen and a point LED also indicates the displayed parameter. In Auto-scrolling mode, it shows all four parameters one-by-one.

Advantage: Cost-Effective Solution for Product Testing

Size: 72 x 72 x 84 mm



DC Measurement

DPA-1(DC) It is a DC analyzer. It shows the parameters of the DC Side.

Parameters: DC Voltage, Current, Wattage

Advantage: Cost-effective solution for DC Measurement



Burn In Testing Equipment

ASC-1 (Automatic Switcher & Counter) is a very useful product for burn-in testing devices. It is mostly used in industries like LED bulb manufacturers, LED driver manufacturer and other similar industries. It automatically switches much time of connected burn-in testing devices and also counts the number of its switching.

  1. It is a cheaper, reliable, lightweight product and easy to handle with a Load connection.
  2. It is operated with manual mode selection for Counter and Switcher.
  3. Switching is defined for connecting and disconnect the testing load with AC power supply and Counter is defined for the number of switching of connected load under testing.
  4. It contains a big LED display for relay ON/OFF count with LED indication for relay status ON/OFF.
  5. Its maximum range is 500 volt, 40 Amp.



ROOT (Relay on/off Timer) is used for switching of AC load. It is a cheaper, reliable and lightweight product with a simple input/output connection. Its working range of 220 V + 20%, 2 Amp.

It contains a three-point selector switch. And operates in two modes, it is OFF at center position with LED light indication.

      1. Timer mode

      2. OFF mode

      3. Continuous mode



PRPT-16 is Programmable Range Power Tester for 16 Channels.

Used for Burn-In testing of products.

It Shows 16 Channel Amps/Watt individually.

It tests the device on two voltages with different switching cycles.


Normally, SMPS may be used at 230V, but it can be used for the complete range of 90V-270V. This Unit enables testing for the full range, for an extended period of time. 16 channels of Wattmeter/Ammeter with Red/Green LEDs are also provided


Four Modes are available for Testing –

1. Voltage Source 1 (R1) 

2. Voltage Source 2 (R2)

3. Rapid (Switching between R1 and R2) Time can be changed by menu

4.  Programmable(User provided switching Cycles for R1 and R2)


Applications: LED Indication for Pass/Fail,

Burn-In Testing after Production

Design and Failure Mode Validation


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PRPT-16 Catalog


Marketing Tool for LED Bulbs

UBC-1 is a Money savings calculator for the marketing of LED bulbs.

It measures the watt of two devices and calculates the difference in terms of the unit(KWh) and Money. It also shows the calculations on LCD Screen. The person can also print the slip with calculations and money savings.

Some customization can be done if required for your dealers.


Note: This is for Marketing Purpose or for Dealers only.

Not intended for R&D or Production

UBC-1 Catalog

Temperature & Humidity Logger

TH-Log6 is a Temperature and Humidity logger device. There are many applications where we required metering temperature and humidity 24×7 for safety and security. This device provides a complete solution related to temperature and humidity.  It is a multi-channel (2, 4, 6, 8 & customized) logger device that logs the temperature & humidity data to in its internal embedded memory.

TH-Log6 connects with temperature and humidity sensors through wired or wirelessly both modes customized solution is also available.

TH-log6 Catalog

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