Production Tester-AC

Production Tester AC is a Single Phase Digital Power Analyzer and Tester machine. It is a reliable, simple and fast single-phase AC meter. It shows AC parameters Voltage, Current, Wattage, Frequency, VA, and Power Factor on bright Red LED Display. The USB port and Pen-drive port are optically isolated with the internal circuit for the safety of the user/operator. it also contains a Bar Code facility for fast and easy testing. and generate datasheet with barCode number and measured parameters.
PT-AC has also the facility to Shows PASS / FAIL of the connected load according to SET LIMITS. and indicates through Green / Red bar LED  and Buzzer also.


PTAC Rename now SPPT-2

  Catalog PT-AC

It has the following electrical parameters :

  1. AC Voltage
  2. AC Current
  3. AC Wattage
  4. Power Factor
  5. Frequency
  6. VA

Testing Features :

  1. Log On Connect Mode
  2. Internal onboard memory up to 32000 Tests
  3. Serial Number Update
  4. Pass/Fail Facility with Relay and LEDs
  5. Pendrive Based Logging Facility
  6. Software Interfacing facility
  7. Real-Time Clock
  8. Log data with Serial No, Pass/Fail, Date Time and Parameter Values


Terminal Connection :

This video is very useful to understand how to set parameters in PTAC and testing a load. this video contains the testing process of 10 Watt bulb from the beginning.

Click Here for all videos of PT-AC

(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)