The DPA-1i instrument is indigenously designed and developed by UMA Electronics to make the testing Simpler, Faster, Accurate and Reliable with its high performing DSP based circuitry and user-friendly operational features.


It serves various industries in Electrical Machines (like Transformers, Motors, Stabilizer), Power Electronics (like UPS, Inverter, Rectifiers) and Lighting devices (CFL, Ballast, LEDs). The high-speed simultaneous sampling using 24-bit ADC ensures True RMS measurement for the wide range of input Voltage and Current. This instrument displays Voltage, Current, Frequency, Active Power, Power Factor, and Apparent Power simultaneously in 7-Segment Display. The measurement is valid at all power factors and gives accurate results even in the presence of harmonics in the system.

The Meter is provided with Hold facility. The functionality of the meter is further enhanced with PC interfacing facility through USB Port. The accompanying software is capable of Data Logging and viewing the Meter Variables in real time on the computer using the GUI provided.

Technical Specification:

Input Voltage : 30 – 300 VAC
Input Current :
Current Meter Watt (Minimum)
1mA-500mA 0.25
1mA-2A 1.00
20mA-5A 2W
20mA-20A 2W
50mA-80A 3W
Measurement : True RMS
Resolution : Floating Decimal Point
Accuracy : Class 0.2 and for P.F. ± 0.005
Display : Four Rows 7- Segment Display
Aux. supply : 230V ± 20%
Dimension(mm) : Front 130 by 280. Depth 210
Measures and displays 6 parameters : Voltage,Current,Frequency,Power Factor,Apparent Power,Power.

Options Available:

  • Hold button Facility available
  • While new data gets refreshed quickly, the user may press the hold button to hold the data for the time she/he notes down the reading.
  • Computer Interfacing available

Interfacing Software


  • Captures and displays 6 parameters from the meter: Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power, Apparent Power and Power Factor.
  • Set Point/ Alarm Limits can be set for Current, Watt, and PF for 5 Models.
  • SetPoint Conditions reached: alarm on the computer, relay on meter energized
  • DataLogging facilities: all these six parameters can be logged on a file in the computer, which can be analyzed later



  • Operating System: WinXP or higher
  • Minimum 256 MB RAM
  • 10 MB disk space required by the software

What we provide:

  • Software CD with instructions
  • USB cable
  • Tutorial and Support. Customization is also available on request.


Download Catalog of DPA-1i Download the catalog of DPA-1i

Complete Introduction of DPA-1i instrument

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(Updated: Jan 24, 2020)