Introduction to DTM-1


Introduction to DTM-1

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We offer DTM-1 for LED Driver testing.

It is capable of measuring AC+THD/DC+Efficiency for LED drivers.

It is an ideal production tool for:
1. Ac Parameters + THD(up to 55th Order), DC Parameters with Efficiency Measurement
2. Simple Connections and Setup, Pages ideal for Production Testing.
3. Internal onboard memory up to 32000 readings. ( For Logging Production data with the model name and Serial No.)
4. Pen drive option: Logging of presently running test + Take Historical Backup
5. USB Connectivity to Computer with Software

It can also be used for R&D mode for Spectrum report generation and data logging.

Click here to go DTM-1 Main Page, Connection Diagram, Application Setting, Model Selection Setting, Buzzer Type Setting, LOC Setting

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(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)