ऊर्जा लाभ

URJA LABH is a useful device to calculate the energy cost of connected AC load. It is cheaper, reliable, lightweight, Fast operating and easy to handle with simple load terminal connection.

It has a big red LED display to show different AC parameters on different three modes.

  1. In the First mode, it meters the load value and shows AC Voltage, Current, Wattage, Power Factor, Frequency and VA rating.
  2. In the Second mode, it calculates the cost of connected AC load and shows AC load Wattage, No. of hours, No. of years, Unit cost and Total amount.
  3. In the third mode, it calculates total consume units and shows AC load Wattage, Hours, Years and Total Units.

Note:  For changing of any parameters like nos. of hours, years, or unit rate, select the mode and press SET button. After it selects the parameter which you want to change and press up/down button to make changes. Press the Set button to save it.

It contains some additional features of Data Logger with Pen-drive (optional) and Internal onboard memory up to 32000 Tests (optional).


Download ऊर्जा लाभ Catalog.

Screen description

1. Main screen (Metering)


2. Unit Calculator

3. Cost Calculator

Download ऊर्जा लाभ Catalog.


(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)