TH-Log6 is a Temperature and Humidity logger device. There are many applications where we required metering temperature and humidity 24×7 for safety and security. This device provides complete solution related to temperature and humidity.  It is a multi-channel (2, 4, 6, 8 & customized) logger device which logs the temperature & humidity data to in its internal embedded memory.

It contains USB port for interfacing with Computer or Laptop for sharing data and setting of different functionalities. It also provides the facility of Pen drive connectivity for withdrawing internally saved data from the TH-log6 device. It provides alarm facility i.e. user easily can set the lower and upper limit of temperature and humidity so when the temperature or humidity data goes out of limit then it generates a light indication and buzzer alert also.

TH-Log6 connects with temperature and humidity sensors through wired or wirelessly both modes customized solution is also available.

The TH-log6 device has 8 Red big LED display to shows data, where 4 display shows temperature and another 4 for humidity data.


Catalog of TH-Log6

Interfacing TH-Log6 with computer

The TH-log6 device takes data wirelessly with Temperature & Humidity sensor under a specific range (customized)

Temperature & Humidity sensor

Complete System Block Diagram of Temperature & Humidity Logger

Catalog of TH-Log6

(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)