TDLR-8 (Temperature Logger)

Thermocouple Data Logger and Recorder- 8 channels (TDLR-8) is a device to logging temperature data in degree C for 8 different channels and also record all data in its internal memory and Pen-drive (if inserted) up-to 16GB. This device gives many facilities to the operator for testing the temperature of different 8 points at a time and save the data with real date and time.

TDLR-8 widely used in industries where temperature control is very important and also other sensitive places where the temperature measurement is required.

TDLR-8 shows all measured temperature (Degree C) on Seven Segment Big LED display in four parts for clear vision. it has also Software Interfacing facility, The operator can connect to Laptop via USB and get all data on the computer screen also. and record all logged data in the computer and in the device.

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TDLR-8 Facilitate:

1. Automatic or manually Data logging for 8 Channels
2. Set alarm limit for individual channel
3. Pass/Fail indication according to set limits
4. Software interfacing also available
5. Internal onboard memory for 32000 data
6. Omega type connector used for connection
7. Seven segments Red LED big display
8. Thermocouples k type sensor is used

(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)