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Here are some references which are useful for R&D and testing of LED Drivers/SMPS.

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Sr. No. Ebook Name Author Description Download Link
1 Optical Properties of Semiconductors By Jerome Faist It is a very good book relating the light and semiconductor. It has connected the basics of led lightning of 60's with today aspects.
2 SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) By Philips Semiconductors This books defines the structure of SMPS. It also provides the improvement techniques so that SMPS can work efficicently.
3 Reference Book for SMPS By ON Semiconductor  Various topologies are given to design an SMPS. Starts with basics of SMPS it gives various examples of SMPS.
4 Power factor Correction Handbook By ON Semiconductor  This book given example to hoe can we improve the power factor.
5 Analytical Study of Harmonics Issued by LED Lamp Driver By C. Jettanasen, and C. Pothisarn A good research paper on analysis of harmonics spectrum and THD generated by LED Drivers.
6 Harmonics and thermal characteristics of low wattage LED lamps By Sohel UDDIN, Hussain SHAREEF, Azah MOHAMED, Mahammad A HANNAN

This paper presents the harmonics and thermal characterstics of LEDs. various experiments are done to provide current harmonics spectrum of individual lamps.


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(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)