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Complete Testing of AC-DC Converters, Led Drivers and SMPS

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Video demonstrate the testing of SMPS using SPEA-1 with SMART-QC.

For AC-DC with THD testing SPEA-1 and SMART-QC both are used. SPEA-1 and SMART-QC can be connected togather using 4 wire RS485 port given in both meters for single report of AC-DC with THD parameters.

What is SPEA-1 ?    SPEA-1 is Single Phase Power Analyzer with harmonics measurement. It comes with various features such as SD Card facility for Production Report and Data Logging.

What is SMART-QC?    SMART-QC is used for AC-DC measurement and testing . Its shows only basic parameters of AC and DC with efficiency. Harmonics is not measured by SMART-QC. Also it does not have SD Card based logging facility.

For complete testing of LED drivers at bench SMART–QC and SPEA-1 can be connected togather. SPEA-1 acts as a master and takes data from SMART-QC. SMART-QC data can also be seen on SPEA-1 display. Now report will contain AC-DC with THD parameters.

(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)