MultiChannel Jig Tester JT-32

JT-32 is a multichannel jig tester.

This is provided to select customers only, on project basis






  1. 32 Channels can be measured at a time.
  2. User can selectively enable/disable each channel. Eg. User can disable channel 15 and channel 29-32.



    • Only selected channels will be processed for : Pass/Fail Buzzer and Front Red displays
    • Unselected channels will show NA or -1 on the csv files.
  3. Parameters: Voltage(1), Current(32), Wattage(32)
  4. Logging Facility: 1) Internal Memory 2) Pen Drive 3)Computer



    • Internal Memory: 16,000 Memory pages.
  • Each page has one set of V-1,A-32,W-32
  • This is a circular buffer arrangement. So, last 16,000 is always available. When new data comes after that , the oldest one gets deleted and so on.
  • Internal memory can be backed up on pen drive any time



    • Pen Drive: Upto 16GB pen drive can be used.
    • Computer: Software for logging of data, and visualizing on Display.(Computer to be purchased separately by user)
  1. User Settings available:



    • User settings are saved on the internal memory of the JT32, so that it remains there when you restart
    • Serial number can be set ( 6 digit)
    • Each of the channels can be enabled/disabled
    • Lower and Upper Limit of Wattage of 5 models
    • Log-On-ConnectON timing
    • Log-On-Connect OFF timing
    • Relay1 type: On Pass, On Fail, Disable
    • Minimum detect current and Min Detect LoadsMDC and MDL eg.0.023,5
  2. Two relays outputs :



    • One relay for Pass/Fail Activation. User can connect Hooter/Bulb etc.
  3. LOG-On-Connect



    • When a new set of drivers comes, it automatically logs the data on Pen drive/Internal/Computer
    • JT32 also shows in RED the drivers which are out of limits.
    • How does JT32 know if it has to log the data ? If , say, 5 loads are crossing the minimum current value eg.0.023Amps, then it considers a new load. This is User Settable as MDC and MDL
    • Why we need MDC and MDL? There could be a case when out of 32 drivers, say, 2 are not working. Then also, the rest of the driver data are OK, and needs to be logged.The faulty/not working are to be shown as RED
  4. PASS/FAIL criterion:



    • There is not one , but upto 32 loads here
    • We cannot determine pass/fail logging arbitrarily on basis of the first driver etc.
    • So, we determine the PASS/FAIl on basis of MDC and MDL
  5. Data format eg.



    • “JT32,3849,06-05-2017,07:23:09,27,28,239.7,0.023,0.024,………0.022,5.2,-NA-,5.4,…..5.2”
    • “JT32,Serial No, Date, Time,No.Pass,No.Total,Voltage,A01..A32,W01,….W32”








(Updated: Jan 21, 2021)